58th Annual

BCJLS Schedule

Dec 28  - Dec 30 2020

Monday, Dec 28
7 AM -11 AM ALL animals will move in on the 1st day of the show with the
exception of the Poultry and Rabbits
12 PM- 2 PM Weigh and Sift of all Market Steers
11 AM - 2 PM Weigh and Sift all Market Animals (Except Market Steers)
11 AM - 1 PM Check Breeding Papers Heifers and Swine
4 PM Breeding Swine Show
4 PM Cattle Showmanship- Breeding Heifers, Market Steers

Tuesday, Dec 29
7 AM - 8:30 AM Check in Poultry
9 AM Breeding Heifer Show
10 AM Poultry Show
9 AM Market Swine Show (Black OPB, Durocs, Hampshire, White OPB,
Spotted Poland China, Yorkshires, Crosses)
1 PM Market Lamb Show OR following Poultry Show
Steer Show 1 hour following Breeding Heifer Show
1 PM – 2:30 PM Check in Creative Arts Show
2:30 PM-4 PM Judge Creative Arts Show
6 PM -7 PM All Ag Mechanic Entries in Place

Wednesday, Dec 30
7 AM - 9 AM Market Rabbit sift and pre judge Registration and Hands on
Portion of Showmanship
7 AM - 9 AM Check in and enter Breeding Rabbits
8 AM Judging Ag Mechanics
9 AM Boer Goat Show
Market Goat Show following Boer Goat Show


Thursday, Dec 31
11 AM Registration of Livestock Judging Contest
1 PM Livestock Judging Contest Begins

Saturday, Jan 9